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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  November 16, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 hello, i'm j.c. hayward. thanks for joining us today. it is a dreary day. it's rainy and soggy and
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redskins fans are very sad. we're going to get to last night's game in just a minute. first, let's go right to howard with the forecast. >> jc, kind of a tale of the haves and have-nots. the rain moved in and then it's moved away as you come into the noon hour pretty much along and west of 95 and east of i-95, i have reports that it's partly sunny and temperatures are pushing better than 60 degrees there. i want to show you where we've got the rain. you can see here i-95 right here is the dividing point to our friends and southern maryland. fairly quiet with passing showers. locally, we've got rain, howard, montgomery, loudoun and fairfax moving into the district as well. south and west of town, we're seeing heavier rains return. loudoun and fairfax county starting to see moderate and heavy rain showers between
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dulles and ashburn on the green way. then as we head forward fairfax and burk and ma nanis as well, a little farther south. the rain intensity is picking up. this is charles county. it's fairly quiet, though. you head west into parts of prince william into stafford, it is really coming down. that's going to be a problem in some of these areas with the ponding of the water. other areas are the temperatures which have been stuck. on the left side, we've got lower 50s to barely 50 in lakensville. we go east into the middle 50s and slowly throughout the day as the winds pick up. temperatures will creep up. temperatures in the upper 50s by 3:00, purring 60 -- pushing 60 degrees this evening with the rain continuing. we've got light rain reported at reagan national. i'll see you in a few minutes talking the seven-day forecast taking us ahead for the next weekend. jc? we now have breaking news
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from capitol hill. a house panel has just found congressman charles rangel of new york guilty of violating ethics rules. the 20-term new york democrat walked out of the trial yesterday, pleading unsuccessfully for time to hire new lawyers. he said his former lawyers abandenned him after he paid them -- abandoned him after he paid them $2 million adding he could no longer afford them. now a panel will decide his punishment. we're watching for any new developments from prince george's county. it has been an explosive few days. a countive stuff and his wife were arrested on friday. the charges yesterday were leveled against three county police officers. six others were indicted. all part of a scheme that prosecutors say involved transporting and selling untaxed cigarettes and alcohol. the investigation is focusing
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on the ticktock liquor store in hyattsville. teams spent hours removing evidence from the liquor store and the store owner's home. prosecutors say that this is linked to the investigation of county executive jack johnson, but they are not offering any details. >> this case and the case announced on friday are among that series of related investigations. we're not at liberty to talk about what the relationship may be. >> the u.s. attorney says that more arrests could follow. noticeably quiet in all of this is county executive-elect baker. he dodged reporters' questions yesterday about the investigation. >> why are you walking away from that question, sir? >> what we're focused on are the needs of the people of prince george's county.
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they want to make sure there is a first-rate government in place and that we're addressing job opportunities, addressing our school system. >> right now, baker is set to take office on december 6th. we have continuing coverage of the story on our web site, we have posted the entire affidavit, pictures of jack johnson's stunning arrest and there's also a place for to you leave personal thoughts about this story. that's on our web site, classes have been canceled for the rest of the day at largo high school. crews are working to find the source of fumes caused by diesel fuel. students were sent home around 10:00 this morning. buses picked up students shortly after officials evacuated the building. no injuries have been reported and at this point there is no word if the school will be open tomorrow. a bomb threat has shut down four buildings on the
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campus of ohio state university. right now, the fbi is on the scene. they are sweeping for explosives. officials are not saying how they learned about the threat. students and faculty were warned by text message alerts and by online and phone messages to stay clear of the buildings until 5:00 this evening. closing arguments in the ingmar murder trial are expected to begin today. the defense rested its case yesterday. prosecutors dismitted attempted kidnapping and robbery charges against ingmar because the statute of limitations on those charges ran out. gut guandique still faces two counts of felony murder in the death of chandra levy. she was murdered in 2001. her body was found one year later. guandique never took the stand. we know you know that you
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really don't want to talk about it today, but we have to. i'm talking about that redskins game. they were crushed by the eagles last night. this is what happened on the opening play. >> the play's from about the 12. there, as you talked about john, rolling and watching downfield jackson who accelerates from the opening play and all the way for a touchdown! >> that was one of just four touchdown passes by michael vick. all of it happened in the first half. and he even rushed for two tds. donovan mcnabb didn't have as good a record. he threw three interceptions. this one in the third quarter was returned for a touchdown. the redskins lose to the eagles, 59-28. well, last night's beatdown came just hours after the big news about our quarterback, donovan mcnabb.
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the redskins have signed him to a five-year $78 million contract. $40 million guaranteed. mcnabb will celebrate his 34th birthday next week. well, we think that you may have some opinions about last night's defeat as well as the new mcnabb contract, so we'd like for to you tell us what you think. you can leave your thoughts at there is a big reward for information to figure out who has been shooting at military buildings in our area. the fbi's offering $20,000 for tips leading to an arrest and a conviction. over the last few weeks, there have been five shootings during the overnight and early morning hours in northern virginia. the targets include the national museum of the marine corps, the pentagon, a u.s. marine corps recruiting facility and a u.s. coast guard
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recruiting facility. a maryland family is remembering their loved one killed in action. specialist david lutes of frostburg, maryland died last thursday, days after being injured from an ied in afghanistan. the 28-year-old was stationed at for the campbell in kentucky and assigned to the 101st airborne division. he is the -- there's going to be a royal wedding next year. a lot of people are excited. prince william has asked his long time girlfriend kate middleton to marry him. charlie d'agata has more from buckingham palace. >> reporter: boyfriend and girlfriend, now future king and queen of england. they will walk down the aisle next spring or early summer. the prince proposed last month while the two were on vacation in kenya, but the palace just broke the news today.
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the british prime minister said it was a great day for the country. >> this is two young people who love each other who made this announcement, and are looking forward to their wedding. we must give them plenty of space to think about the future. >> reporter:: that's hardly likely as the frenzy begins over exactly when the wedding will take place, where it's going to be, st. paul's cathedral or westminster abby. and of course what will kate's wedding dress be like? prince william's grandmother, the queen, said she was absolutely delighted for them both and his father prince charles said he was thrilled added they've been practicing long enough. they have been together for eight years since kate caught william's eye while studying in scotland. kate doesn't have william's aristocratic background. her parents created a million dollar party supply company, but royal watchers say that gives her a common touch. >> of course someone wants the fairy tale princess but at
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least you can say she's our fairy tail princess. >> reporter: a fairy tale that is about to become reality. for kate middleton, life will never be the same again. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. the busiest travel season of the year is just a week away. if you think the airports were crowded last year it could be worse this year because of security screenings. we'll be right back.
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free rides for montgomery county school students could soon come to an end. county and state lawmakers are meeting tonight to push for student bus fees. some are concerned imposing bus fees will put a price tag on magnate schools. construction should begin in a few weeks on a new barrier to protect d.c. from flooding. i'll bet you didn't know that there is an earthen levee downtown. there is. it was built 70 years ago and runs parallel to the reflecting pool. the new levee will go alongside new stone barriers near 14th street and work should be completed by next summer. the busiest travel time of the year is right around the corner, and the tsa's new security procedures are causing long waits and traveler angriness. john tyner was boarding a flight on saturday when he was
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asked to go through one of the tsa's new body scanners. he said no. screeners then tried to pat him down. he refused then recorded his exchange with the agent on his cell phone. >> okay. i don't understand how a sexual assault can be made as a condition of my flying. >> this is not considered a sexual assault. >> it would be if you weren't the government. >> travelers are complaining that the full body scanner shows too much, revealing body parts through clothing and say the patdown are invasive and humiliating. homeland security officials are make nothing apologies for being more aggressive following the recent cargo scares. they say they are trying to keep us safe when we travel. coming up next, howard and the forecast. >> jc it's cool and damp. we've got light rain on the weather terrace. looking at live 9000 hd, can you see heavier rain
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approaching fairfax at this hour. we'll pinpoint the live doppler 9000 hd to give you the hour by hour forecast when 9news now at noon returns. ñúñú
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you might want to keep those umbrellas handy throughout the day because sometimes it stops and then sometimes it starts. >> east of 95, you are right. west of 95 it's been fairly steady. it is really the tale of the haves and have-nots. a few light showers east of 95. it's 61 degrees in reedville while we've got the cloudiness in washington. a much different sort of day and even cooler than that out to our west. we'll start you off with a look at our day planner on this tuesday afternoon. over the next several hours, we're looking at rain on and off. again, d.c. west, west of 95 more on than off. as temperatures will slowly be climbing up and up and up, perhaps to 57 by 3:00. i think we're going to hover near 60 later on as the winds really increase out of the southeast and south between 15 and 20 miles per hour. there's some warmer air just off to the southeast. if you can tap that, that's where we'll have the better
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chance to see conditions improving. here's the rain that continues to stream in a wave at times not too much, at times it is really coming down. now you can see from southern pennsylvania to areas of northern virginia. lots more yellow and orange here where the rain is heaviest. southern maryland, not much, some clouds and breaks there. there are the breaks in the northern neck. the temperatures have shot into the lower 60s. going to live doppler hd. talking about when's happening here. east of 95, it's fairly quiet now. hagerstown west toward hancock, we've got showers. now just on the west and southwest side of the metro, this is where we're starting to see some of the heavier showers move into fairfax county into parts of loudoun county. you can see the lighter rains of d.c., montgomery, howard up to baltimore. going west, you go out to chantilly and this is headed toward sterling. manassas is really starting to pick up very heavy rain coming right up 28 there towards
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chantilly. this will head up toward ashburn and eventually hit into western and upper parts of montgomery county with the track of this north-northeast. you go a little farther south you see into prince william county. scattered moderate showers through southern parts of fauquier over toward culpepper county. with, of course, the rain, we've been looking at -- i went one too many. let's go back to the weather computer. a warm front off to the south. temperatures into the 40s in the mountains. winds are easterly. then there's the warm frond where the winds turn -- warm front where winds turn southerly. low 60s in the delmarva. this front will be lifting off slowly to the north-northwest. 55 right now with light rain. an east-northeast wind at 6. all of this generated from the
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storm system spinning here. you can see it coming out of arkansas into western tennessee and western kentucky. this is why we've been dealing with the rain. so the futurecast, we'll watch the low pressure off to the west. this will be moving into the north and east into indiana and ohio. that will help lift this front and get us into the slightly warmer air. even by 5:00, you can see the rains that are still with us. by midnight, we've got showers, maybe even a rumble of thunder as the front comes through. tomorrow morning, not we're clearing up nicely. i think we wake up with sunshine. it will be windy tomorrow. rain today, a late high or evening high of 60. wednesday, windy and 62. then by thursday, cool into the mid-50s as another system comes and may squeeze out a shower. a chilly friday but the weekend becomes nice again, low 60s saturday and decent sunday temperatures in the 50s. stick around, we're going to the kitchen with something you are going to like when 9news now returns. [ female announcer ] we can't live in a bubble.
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we have got a brunch recipe today with a cuban twist. i'd like for to you meet two- time james beard award winning chef, guillermo with restaurants all over the city, philadelphia and florida. we're glad he's here with us in washington. today, you are fixing french toast? >> yes. this is the additional french toast but from spain. you put a twist to it. >> what makes it different? >> we're stuffing it with mascarpone and cream cheese.
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then we bread with hazel nuts and -- >> all right. show me how you do that. >> very easily. make the mixture, put it in the pastry bag. put in hall la bread or whatever pred you like. >> hall la is the best. >> you squeeze it like that. >> and the bread will allow you to go so far and there you go. you put it in the freezer. when they are nice and frozen, you state police them and there you go. >> i see. by the way, the recipe is on our web site and you can try this at home. why do that when you can go to his restaurant. what do you do now? >> soak it in heavy cream, egg and more rum and frangellica. >> i like this french toast. >> toasted hazel nuts.
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>> mm-hmm. >> and have one there. >> you have one already here i see. >> working on that one. you can see how this is very did shall. >> i will turn this over for you, okay? one more time. oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> look at that cheese coming out. >> look at that cheese. that looks good. then after you -- >> we're going to put it on the plate. >> it's ready to come out. >> really good right there. >> that looks good. >> and we're going to put a honey drizzle that's been infused with different spices. >> oh, okay. >> we are also going to put a little bit of sugar just for color because we have enough sugar. >> okay. >> and then we add some drunken strawberries. >> you already told us about the frangellica which is a liquor. >> i like the way you cook. >> thank you. great for a sunday morning. >> brunch is at cuba libre at
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saturdays and sundays. it's new on 9th street. you really want to go by and see guillermo. tell him i sent you. come back and visit us at 5:00. that looks beautiful. >> have a taste. >> i certainly will. mm-mmm. i love french toast. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable, and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone
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